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outdated social networks


Legacy social networks are crippling our potential. It's time we expected more. We deserve a powerful social network controlled by us, and not big tech. We deserve the decentralized power of crypto. Welcome to PRIVI.

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form & follow
self-governed, tokenized communities.

your profile...

...and your portfolio.

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The only crypto platform you'll ever need.


tokenize your online content,
digital creations and physical assets.

Form or follow communities for yourself, a group, or a business. Vote and discuss how the community should look, behave, and leverage the power of PRIVI to create your own community token.

Let blockchain advance your digital reputation, creating data that's yours, and yours alone.  With PRIVI, you can earn tokens on that data when you view or engage with  an ad. 

PRIVI allows you to invest passively or actively, in fiat or crypto. Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or just dipping your toes in the water, it's a fit for any risk appetite.

Insure Your Tokens

Swap Your Tokens

Receive Crypto Credit 

Create & Invest in Indexes 

Create & Own
Social Tokens

Create & Own Digital NFTs

Create & Own Physical NFTs

Creators & communities can mint & distribute their own social token that can be swapped for ETH, BTC, & other common cryptos. Mint your own, or buy a token from creator to access exclusive content.

Digital content & assets such as videos, podcasts, artwork, blogs & music can be tokenized and insured. Make them yourself, or purchase them from your favorite creator.

NFTs are no longer just digital. Physical assets, such as property, collectibles, tickets can be tokenized and insured by creating physical NFTs.

Decentralized insurance pools connect to physical & digital NFTs  to keep your investments safe.

Swap your internal or external tokens, everytihng from BTC & ETH to PRIVI, with our frictionless and low fee liquidity pools. 

Apply for credit from decentralized credit pools in BTC, PRIVI, or other popular cryptos. You don't need to lock assets or crypto to get started.

Actively create or invest in crypto index funds that can be invested in both external and internal tokens.

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  the apps 

PRIVI goes far beyond your average crypto platform. It's a full scale ecosystem built for everyone.  Explore a variety of mobile apps, all built on the technology of the PRIVI network.